Yearbook Committee

The Yearbook committee is responsible for taking photos of events and capturing timeless memories of Pearsontown. The committee will work closely with Strawbridge Studios to ensure deadlines are met, log payments and receipts, and distribute yearbooks. If you are interested in joining this committee, please contact the PTA for further details.

Audit Committee

The audit committee shall be composed of no fewer than three members. Individuals with check signing authority and their family members may not serve on the audit committee, nor may the outgoing or incoming treasurer. The audit committee shall be responsible for the audits and financial reviews described in Article 11 of the bylaws.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall be comprised of an odd number and no fewer than three members; at least two of the committee members shall be board members and at least one committee member shall be a member of the local PTA who does not serve on the board. Neither the president nor the principal shall be a member of the nominating committee.

Throughout the year, the nominating committee is tasked with identifying talented, motivated, and responsible individuals to serve as officers of this local PTA. Prior to the last general membership meeting each fiscal year, the nominating committee shall prepare a slate of nominees for officers of this local PTA for the coming year, and the president shall include that slate in the notice for the last general membership meeting, and the chair of the nominating committee shall place such names in nomination at that meeting, and the election shall be conducted as provided in Section 6.2 of the PTA bylaws.

Wellness Committee

The Wellness committee is dedicated to the well being of every student and ensuring the wellness initiative is a success. By promoting healthy habits and holding events surrounding wellness such as Walk to School, this committee puts forth the effort to promote a healthy lifestyle for everyone. Events take place all year round and help would be greatly welcome. Please contact the PTA for more information.

Teacher and Staff Appreciation Committee

This committee is dedicated to making Teacher  and Staff Appreciation a success on a monthly basis. We celebrate and show our appreciation to all teachers and staff members that have made a difference in our child(s) lives. Volunteers are always in need to help aid in ensuring that teachers and staff members feel appreciated. Events take place all week and help would be greatly welcome. Please contact any of your PTA Executive Officers for more information.

Advocacy Committee

The Parent Involvement Committee (Advocacy Committee) shall develop and organize meetings, activities, and programs to further the goals and purposes of PTA. This committee is tasked with improving communications and relationships between school staff and families; educating families and caregivers on important issues related to the health and educational success of their children; and helping to make each child’s potential a reality.

For additional information about the Advocacy, please contact the PTA.

Fundraising Committee

The major responsibility of the fundraising committee is to raise the amount needed to meet the proposed budget.  The committee may also plan specific fundraising events and activities outside of Boosterthon.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Research and recommend fundraising events to board for approval for the current and the next school year.  The PTA office receives multiples advertisements and fundraising offers from various vendors.  The committee members should review those and present to the PTA board the fundraising ideas that are applicable to Pearsontown Elementary PTA.

Oversee execution of approved fundraisers.  Scheduled fundraising events for this year include: Fall and Spring Movie Nights, Monthly Panda Dining Night Out, Boxtops, Campbell’s labels for Education, Tyson Project A+ labels, Grocery Shopping Cards, Coke Rewards, Amazon Smile,

Promotes the events to Pearsontown Elementary students, staff, and families

Prepare committee report for board and general meetings

Beautification Committee

The Beautification Committee seeks to help Pearsontown put its best foot forward. The committee is responsible for maintaining the large planters outside the main entrance with fresh foliage. Other projects such as regular parent/student after-school clean up days, upkeep of seasonal plants, and painting of the benches would be a welcome addition to the committee’s responsibilities. If you are interested in chairing this committee, please contact any of your PTA Executive Officers.